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A Moment With: The Rebel Mama(s)

A Moment With: The Rebel Mama(s)

Aleks Jassem and Nikita Stanley are the best friends behind The Rebel Mama, and recently released their first book, The Rebel Mama’s Handbook for (Cool) Moms. They give a contemporary spin to parenting advice for those who don't know where they fit within the "mom culture" status quo. VSP stopped to chat with Aleks and Nikita about friendship, advice for fellow moms, and influential women.
You both are always on the go, how would you describe your morning routine for getting ready? 

Day to day, it's a quick shower, an easy outfit, a lot of moisturizer and really big sunglasses. Not fussing too much about hair and makeup and focusing on skin care and style saves a shocking amount of time in the morning.

Who are the women that have influenced you the most?
We're inspired on a daily basis by the women in our social circle. We've got a lot of friends who have very definite, bold, individual style senses and we love it so much. They keep us focused on being unapologetically ourselves - in fashion and in life.Our style crushes from beyond our crew are always Caroline de Maigret, Kate Moss, Giovanna Battaglia, and Erin Wasson. 
What are your favourite pieces of advice in the Rebel Mama Handbook? 
Favourite #1: Thou shalt not judge another woman based on birthing choice / feed practice / sleep choice / composition / any other stupid reason. You do you.
Favourite #2: The entire chapter on "How to Get Five Goddamn Minutes to Yourself" - such an important skill to cultivate as a mom!
How would you describe each other's style?
Aleks was born in the wrong decade. She should have been front and center at Studio 54. She's a 70s babe in 2018. Nikita's style is either totally minimalist or completely maximalist. There is no in between.
Who are your favourite visual artists that you find yourself gravitating to their work?
We love Julie Houts AKA @jooleeloren (just the funniest, most relatable girl shit ever); Adam Hale AKA @the.daily.splice (his collages are crazy and his process is awesome to watch). Not a visual artist per se, but we love Cleo Wade a lot too. Her poetry is so comforting and lovely - she's a treat to read.  

As best friends, what is the key to maintaining a long-lasting friendship?

Total transparency. Clear communication. Never taking ourselves too seriously. And having the same organizational processes and enjoying all the same foods and drinks - realistically that's the glue that actually keeps us together.



Nikita & Aleks wear Balenciaga, Céline, Oscar de la Renta
Photos and Text by Marlowe Granados


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