'Grand Fonds' Cuff

Hermès 'Grand Fonds' Cuff $498.00

'Brazil' Cuff

Hermès 'Brazil' Cuff $698.00

'Tenues et Couvertures' Cuff

Hermès 'Tenues et Couvertures' Cuff $398.00

'Brandebourgs' Cuff

Hermès 'Brandebourgs' Cuff $498.00


Hermès Cuff $598.00

Cashmere Stole

Hermès Cashmere Stole $798.00

'Evelyne' PM Handbag

Hermès 'Evelyne' PM Handbag Sold

'Evelyne III Clemence Orange' Messenger Bag

Hermès 'Evelyne III Clemence Orange' Messenger Bag $2,878.20 $3,198.00

'Gibier' Jacket

Hermès 'Gibier' Jacket Medium $698.60 $998.00

'Garden Party 36 PM' Tote Bag

Hermès 'Garden Party 36 PM' Tote Bag $1,078.20 $1,198.00

'Garden Party PM 36' Tote

Hermès 'Garden Party PM 36' Tote $2,518.20 $2,798.00

'Les Cles' Shawl

Hermès 'Les Cles' Shawl Sold

'Brides de Gala' Scarf

Hermès 'Brides de Gala' Scarf $698.00

'Pique Fleuri de Provence' Shawl

Hermès 'Pique Fleuri de Provence' Shawl Sold

'Les Rubans du Cheval' Scarf

Hermès 'Les Rubans du Cheval' Scarf Sold

'Ex-Libris en Kimonos' Shawl

Hermès 'Ex-Libris en Kimonos' Shawl $898.00

'Voitures Paniers' Scarf

Hermès 'Voitures Paniers' Scarf Sold

'Monsiur et Madame 140cm' Shawl

Hermès 'Monsiur et Madame 140cm' Shawl $898.00

'Clemence Birkin 35' Handbag

Hermès 'Clemence Birkin 35' Handbag Sold

Garden Party 'TPM' Tote

Hermès Garden Party 'TPM' Tote $1,078.20 $1,198.00

Cashmere Scarf

Hermès Cashmere Scarf $798.00

Birkin '35' Handbag

Hermès Birkin '35' Handbag $14,803.20 $16,448.00

'Kelly 32' Handbag

Hermès 'Kelly 32' Handbag Sold

Blazer Jacket

Hermès Blazer Jacket FR40 $1,398.60 $1,998.00

Paris Bombay Satchel Epsom 27

Hermès Paris Bombay Satchel Epsom 27 27 $2,698.20 $2,998.00

'Omnibus' Bag

Hermès 'Omnibus' Bag Sold

'Carré en Carrés' Scarf

Hermès 'Carré en Carrés' Scarf Sold

'Paradis Carmin' Mules

Hermès 'Paradis Carmin' Mules US 7 Sold

'Paradis Noir' Mules

Hermès 'Paradis Noir' Mules US 7 Sold

'Les Cannes' Dress

Hermès 'Les Cannes' Dress FR38 $1,498.00

'Collier de Chien 75' Belt

Hermès 'Collier de Chien 75' Belt $1,748.00

'Toolbox 33 Doblis Suede' Handbag

Hermès 'Toolbox 33 Doblis Suede' Handbag $5,848.20 $6,498.00

'Trim 31 Toile Cognac' Bag

Hermes 'Trim 31 Toile Cognac' Bag $2,608.20 $2,898.00

Birkin 25 Black Niloticus Crocodile

Hermès Birkin 25 Black Niloticus Crocodile $35,998.00 $39,998.00

'Kelly 35 Black Chevre'

Hermès 'Kelly 35 Black Chevre' Sold

'Birkin 30 Jaune d'or Epsom Gold'

Hermès 'Birkin 30 Jaune d'or Epsom Gold' Sold

'Birkin 35 Epsom Tabac Camel' Bag

Hermès 'Birkin 35 Epsom Tabac Camel' Bag Sold

'Jypsiere 28' Bag

Hermès 'Jypsiere 28' Bag Sold

Hermès Chevre Mysore Birkin 30

Hermès Hermès Chevre Mysore Birkin 30 One Size Sold

'Bolide' Bag

Hermès 'Bolide' Bag $5,848.20 $6,498.00

Toggle Bracelet

Hermès Toggle Bracelet $3,998.00

'Pois de Sois' Stole

Hermès 'Pois de Sois' Stole $523.50 $698.00

'Ex Libris' Shawl

Hermès 'Ex Libris' Shawl $598.50 $798.00

'Sur un Tapis Volant' Scarf

Hermès 'Sur un Tapis Volant' Scarf One Size Sold

Blazer Jacket

Hermès Blazer Jacket FR42 $1,748.60 $2,498.00

'Kelly 32' Bag

Hermès 'Kelly 32' Bag Sold

'Clemence Birkin 35' Bag

Hermès 'Clemence Birkin 35' Bag One Size Sold

Charm Bracelet

Hermès Charm Bracelet $1,998.00

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Condition Chart

Condition Chart

VSP Consignment's collection is hand-selected by our stylists to include pieces that are masterfully crafted, versatile, and contemporary. Although many of our pieces are pre-owned, we strive to collect items of excellent condition but on occasion, there may be slight signs of wear. On pieces which do not include the size and fabric tag, we make an educated guess to the best of our ability and it is noted in the description. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding an item you are interested in.


Perfect or pristine, with little to no signs of wear. With or without original retail tags.


The item is in excellent pre-owned condition with faint visibility of use. No noticeable flaws have been found.


This indicates that the item is a collectible circa twenty years or prior. Natural distressing, if any, is characteristic to the beauty of use. It is still in good condition for an item from a previous time. Any specific flaws will be noted on individual listings.

Very Good

The item is in great pre-owned condition, but has slight signs of natural wear and tear, which are noted in the condition description of the item.


The item is in good condition, but has minor flaws and/or signs of wear. These will be noted in the description of the condition of the item. Flaws are most likely repairable or already repaired, and still wearable with care.

As Is

If a piece is marked “As Is” its condition has been taken into account when determining its value and price adjustments will not be made. All flaws will be listed under each item’s description. Items marked “As Is” are final sale.


Size Chart


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