Chanel Deauville Backpack

Chanel Deauville Backpack $3,298.00

Chanel Tweed Sneaker

Chanel Tweed Sneaker US 10.5 $495.00 $598.00

Chanel Metallic Brocade Pant

Chanel Metallic Brocade Pant Large $249.00 $498.00

Chanel Pleated Skirt

Chanel Pleated Skirt Medium $299.00 $498.00

Chanel High Waist Trouser

Chanel High Waist Trouser X-Small $299.00 $598.00

Chanel Asymmetric Embellished Skirt

Chanel Asymmetric Embellished Skirt Medium $299.00 $498.00

Chanel 2003 Metallic Thread Tweed Jacket

Chanel 2003 Metallic Thread Tweed Jacket X-Large $1,799.00 $2,598.00

Chanel Pleated Dress

Chanel Pleated Dress X-Small $249.00 $498.00

Chanel 2000 Sleeveless Sweater

Chanel 2000 Sleeveless Sweater Medium $499.00 $798.00

Chanel Knit Vest

Chanel Knit Vest Small $199.00 $398.00

Chanel Wool Vest

Chanel Wool Vest Small $998.00 $1,998.00

Chanel Quilted Hem Skirt

Chanel Quilted Hem Skirt Large $125.00 $248.00

Chanel Quilted Hem Jacket

Chanel Quilted Hem Jacket Large $399.00 $698.00

Chanel Camellia Detial Heel

Chanel Camellia Detail Heel US 8.5 $525.00 $698.00

Chanel Vintage Tweed Blazer

Chanel Vintage Tweed Blazer Medium $998.00 $1,498.00

Chanel Knit Striped Skirt

Chanel Knit Striped Skirt Small $395.00 $698.00

Chanel Leather Chain Sunglasses

Chanel Leather Chain Sunglasses $1,075.00 $1,298.00

Chanel Cable Knit Sweater

Chanel Cable Knit Sweater Medium $375.00 $698.00

Chanel Metallic Tweed Sneaker

Chanel Metallic Tweed Sneaker US 6.5 $350.00 $498.00

Chanel Perforated Reissue Bag

Chanel Perforated Reissue Bag $1,529.00 $1,798.00

Chanel Sequin Bag

Chanel Sequin Bag $3,295.00 $3,998.00

Chanel Re-Issue Flap Bag

Chanel Re-Issue Flap Bag $5,200.00 $5,998.00

Chanel PVC Heels

Chanel PVC Heels US 7.5 $249.00 $498.00

Chanel Pleated Skirt

Chanel Pleated Skirt Small $299.00 $498.00

Chanel Metallic Trousers

Chanel Metallic Trousers Medium $499.00 $998.00

Chanel Knit Striped Dress

Chanel Knit Striped Dress Small $550.00 $798.00

Chanel Tweed Jacket

Chanel Tweed Jacket Small $475.00 $698.00

Chanel Tweed Fringe Skirt

Chanel Tweed Fringe Skirt Medium $499.00 $798.00

Chanel Two-Piece Suit

Chanel Two-Piece Suit Large $1,195.00 $1,998.00

Chanel Tweed Dress

Chanel Tweed Dress Small $1,398.00 $1,998.00

Chanel Espadrille Lace-Up Shoes

Chanel Espadrille Lace-Up Shoes US 8.5 Sold

Chanel Quilted Logo Earrings

Chanel Quilted Logo Earrings $520.00 $650.00

Chanel Multicoloured Stitched Jeans

Chanel Multicoloured Stitched Jeans Medium $399.00 $698.00

Chanel High Back Slit Gown

Chanel High Back Slit Gown Small $599.00 $998.00

Chanel Tweed Denim Pants

Chanel Tweed Denim Pants X-Small Sold

Chanel Fantasy Tweed Blazer

Chanel Fantasy Tweed Blazer Sold

Chanel Fantasy Tweed Skirt

Chanel Fantasy Tweed Skirt Medium $445.00 $598.00

Chanel Metallic Woven Zip Jacket

Chanel Metallic Woven Zip Jacket Large $2,198.00

Chanel Silver Woven Jacket

Chanel Silver Woven Jacket Large $1,998.00

Chanel Silk Sequin Skirt

Chanel Silk Sequin Skirt Medium $349.00 $498.00

Chanel Embroidered Blouse

Chanel Embroidered Blouse Small Sold

Chanel Canvas Wedge Heel

Chanel Canvas Wedge Heel US 9.5 $248.00

Chanel Tri-Colour Suede Sandal

Chanel Tri-Colour Suede Sandal US 9.5 $448.00

Chanel Metallic Sneaker

Chanel Metallic Sneaker US 7 $350.00 $498.00

Chanel Cashmere Jacket

Chanel Cashmere Jacket XX-Large Sold

Chanel Knit Dress

Chanel Knit Dress Small $549.00 $798.00

Chanel SS '01 Check Jacket

Chanel SS '01 Check Jacket X-Small $550.00 $798.00

Chanel Slingback Sandals

Chanel Slingback Sandals US 6.5 $358.00 $398.00


Condition Chart

Condition Chart

VSP Consignment's collection is hand-selected by our stylists to include pieces that are masterfully crafted, versatile, and contemporary. Although many of our pieces are pre-owned, we strive to collect items of excellent condition but on occasion, there may be slight signs of wear. On pieces which do not include the size and fabric tag, we make an educated guess to the best of our ability and it is noted in the description. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding an item you are interested in.


Perfect or pristine, with little to no signs of wear. With or without original retail tags.


The item is in excellent pre-owned condition with faint visibility of use. No noticeable flaws have been found.


This indicates that the item is a collectible circa twenty years or prior. Natural distressing, if any, is characteristic to the beauty of use. It is still in good condition for an item from a previous time. Any specific flaws will be noted on individual listings.

Very Good

The item is in great pre-owned condition, but has slight signs of natural wear and tear, which are noted in the condition description of the item.


The item is in good condition, but has minor flaws and/or signs of wear. These will be noted in the description of the condition of the item. Flaws are most likely repairable or already repaired, and still wearable with care.

As Is

If a piece is marked “As Is” its condition has been taken into account when determining its value and price adjustments will not be made. All flaws will be listed under each item’s description. Items marked “As Is” are final sale.


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