'Leila' Platforms

Gucci // 'Leila' Platforms US 8.5 $398.00 $278.60


Gucci // Coat Medium $1,298.00 $908.60

Monogram Bag

Gucci // Monogram Bag $398.00 $278.60

'Survie' Scarf

Sold Gucci // 'Survie' Scarf $378.00 $264.60

Ribbed Top with Belt

Gucci // Ribbed Top with Belt Medium $598.00 $418.60

Silk Trousers

Gucci // Silk Trousers X-Small $498.00 $348.60

Collared Shirt

Gucci // Collared Shirt Small $298.00 $208.60

Leopard Print Shirt

Gucci // Leopard Print Shirt Small $448.00 $313.60


Gucci // Trousers Small $398.00 $278.60

Suit Jacket

Gucci // Suit Jacket Small $798.00 $558.60

Knit Sleeveless Top

Gucci // Knit Sleeveless Top Small $398.00 $278.60

Wool Coat

Gucci // Wool Coat Medium $1,298.00 $908.60

Leather Trousers

Gucci // Leather Trousers Medium $1,198.00 $838.60

Patterned Trousers

Gucci // Patterned Trousers X-Large $398.00 $278.60

Mini Dress

Gucci // Mini Dress Medium $298.00 $208.60

Wool Trousers

Gucci // Wool Trousers Small $378.00 $264.60

Sterling Silver Bamboo & Horsebit Bracelet

Gucci // Sterling Silver Bamboo & Horsebit Bracelet $1,498.00 $1,048.60

'Broadway Hologram' Clutch

Gucci // 'Broadway Hologram' Clutch $498.00 $348.60

Tunic Top

Gucci // Tunic Top Large $348.00 $243.60

Cashmere Cardigan

Gucci // Cashmere Cardigan X-Small $498.00 $348.60

'Flora Bamboo' Shoulder Bag

Gucci // 'Flora Bamboo' Shoulder Bag $998.00 $698.60

Woodstock T-Shirt

Gucci // Woodstock T-Shirt X-Large $298.00 $208.60

'Blooms' Wallet

Gucci // 'Blooms' Wallet $728.00 $509.60

'Guccissima' Crossbody

Gucci // 'Guccissima' Crossbody $798.00 $558.60

Silk Shirt

Sold Gucci // Silk Shirt Medium $598.00 $418.60


Gucci // T-Shirt Large $248.00 $173.60


Gucci // Top Medium $348.00 $243.60

Denim Jacket

Gucci // Denim Jacket X-Small $498.00 $348.60

'Guccissima' Medium Sukey Handbag

Gucci // 'Guccissima' Medium Sukey Handbag Medium $1,098.00 $768.60

Bamboo Wallet

Gucci // Bamboo Wallet $298.00 $208.60

Ponyhair Leopard Flats

Gucci // Ponyhair Leopard Flats US 7.5 $448.00 $313.60

Heart Crest Pendant Necklace

Gucci // Heart Crest Pendant Necklace $448.00 $378.00


Gucci // Dress Medium $1,298.00 $778.80


Gucci // Denim Small $298.00 $208.60


Gucci // Shirt Small $498.00 $99.60


Condition Chart

Though all of V S P pieces are pre-owned, we are committed to only carrying items that are in near-perfect condition. On occasion we still receive excellent quality pieces but with slight signs of wear. All defects will be listed under the item’s description. Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns regarding an item you are interested in.


The item is like new, in excellent pre-owned condition with no visible signs of wear.

Excellent Vintage Condition

This indicates that the item is still in excellent condition for an item from a previous time.

Very Good

The item is in great pre-owned condition, but has slight signs of natural wear and tear, which are noted in the condition description of the item.


The item is in good condition, but has minor flaws and/or signs of wear. These will be noted in the description of the condition of the item.

Other Notes On Condition

On pieces, which do not include the size and fabric tag, we will do our best to provide an educated guess and make note of it in the description


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You can search V S P Consignment by designer, item name, clothing and shoe size.